2020-02-21 (Friday)

Gabion work

Namrata Builders

Location: Mahendranagar

 Phone No: 9806453811

 Rate: Rs.2500

2020-02-20 (Thursday)

Building Structural Work

Fewa Construction

Location: Pokhara

 Phone No: 9846728723

 Rate: Rs.1700

2020-02-11 (Tuesday)

Interior, drywall, Truss

shristi falseceiling

Location: Province 5, Butwal

 Phone No: 9840489851

 Rate: Rs.1

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Rain Water Harvesting & Recharge System


Location: Kathmandu Valley

 Phone No: 9851000641

 Rate: Rs.1

2020-02-10 (Monday)

2D,3D Building Design and Construction All Survey with (DPR)

lift consultant and construction pvt.ltd

Location: Kathmandu Tinkune ph.9840630176

 Phone No: 9805967665

 Rate: Rs.40000

2020-02-01 (Saturday)

Reinforcement and Shuttering work

Fewa Construction

Location: Pokhara, Lakeside

 Phone No: 9846728723

 Rate: Rs.1224

2020-01-31 (Friday)



Location: Baneshwor

 Phone No: 9849939010

 Rate: Rs.3

2020-01-30 (Thursday)

Gabion Jali bharne


Location: Jumla

 Phone No: 9858320758

 Rate: Rs.1000