2020-09-22 (Tuesday)

All construction work

Nama shivaya Builder's

Location: Jhapa/morang subbase

 Phone No: 9801443507

 Rate: Rs.1200

2020-09-20 (Sunday)

Nepal construction and suppliers Pvt LTD

subhash Chandra Giri

Location: Nepal

 Phone No: 9851051189

 Rate: Rs.0

2020-09-18 (Friday)

Road way construction, Building construction, drains, culvert

Dhiraj Shrestha

Location: Jhapa/Urlabari

 Phone No: 9817009490

 Rate: Rs.0

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2020-09-15 (Tuesday)

Earth Excavation Work and Backfilling of Soil

Adeera construction pvt.ltd

Location: Itahari Chowk, Sunsari

 Phone No: 9854043402

 Rate: Rs.332333